• Ability to specify which pages of the book should be included or excluded from the index.
  • Ability to index a book using a list of terms.
  • Ability to index a book using a list of terms and only index them if they use the font format you choose.
  • Ability to specify a list of terms to force exclude them from the index.
  • Ability to specify a query that will force include or exclude its related terms from the index.
  • Ability to specify a font format to force indexing all its corresponding terms.
  • Ability to modify the generated index before saving it (disable some words, add new words, edit words, …)
  • Ability to detect & set footnote/endnote numbers for the indexed terms.
  • Ability to define Header words, Sub-Header words, etc. (four levels of words) and indent them in the index. i.e:
    Controlling phase, 79, 81-87
    Issues and bugs, 84-85
    Looping back, 86
    Management risks, 82-84
    Estimates accuracy, 82-83
    Inaccurate dependencies , 84
    Measuring deliverables, 81-82, 86
  • Ability to write sub-headers using indented style or run-in style.
  • Ability to create cross-references in the index. i.e: Physicians, 12-14, 121; see also Hospitals; Medical schools
  • Ability to specify the font style to use for any index term.
  • Ability to control the index paginator, its content & styling.
  • Ability to merge more than 1 index together.
  • Ability to write terms in the index as hyperlinks that link to their pages in the book.
  • Ability to write page ranges in either standard format (i.e. 213-219) or inclusive format (i.e. 213-19).
  • Ability to append the generated index to your PDF book, or write it to a new PDF or text file.
  • Ability to write the index to a new MS Word document file (*.docx or *.doc).
  • Ability to specify after which page in the book the created index should be written.
  • Ability to specify the dimensions/orientation of the index pages.
  • Ability to handle encrypted books(password protected).
  • Ability to use the program through the Command Line (Terminal).
  • Ability to index multiple books in the the Command Line mode.
  • PDF Index Generator supports PDFs with Latin languages:
    i.e. Catalan, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, and many other languages.
  • PDF Index Generator comes with a number of word categories containing the most famous English words (verbs, prepositions, …) to exclude them, in addition to French, German and Spanish categories that are now available on our website. You can also create your own categories, and you can export/import them too.
  • PDF Index Generator comes with a number of index templates that you can choose from them the best design that suits your book and it will be applied automatically when writing the index to your book.
  • PDF Index Generator does not require Adobe Acrobat to be installed.
  • PDF Index Generator does not require Microsoft Word to be able to write the index to a document file.